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Asphalt Specialists Services in Aintree, Liverpool

Mastic Asphalt is a voidless coherent substance which when heated to a specific temperature, forms a impervious mass, which then can obtain a permanent water proofing for all types of roofing systems.

Asphalt Flooring

Mastic Asphalt can be layed to internal flooring to obtain a smooth durable surface. It is a damp proof membrane, rot proof, hygienic and fire proof. There are various grades from light duty for the application in domestic floors, houses, extensions or conservatories. Mastic Asphalt can also be layed over quarry tiles, flag stones or existing concrete floors.

It can be used as a damp proof membrane, so carpets and wood flooring or ceramic tiles can be layed directly on top of the Asphalt, so preventing damp or moisture penetration. Mastic Asphalt can be layed in Schools, Factories, or Industrial situations. i.e. Warehouses were heavy machinery is being used on top of the Asphalt; a sanded finish is applied on these applications.


Mastic asphalt, when layed on underground structures, provides a waterproof lining or 'Tanking' A high bond primer is firstly applied to all vertical and horizontal surfaces, then up to three coats of Asphalt is applied to all walls, floors and foundations. This will stop any moisture or water penetrating the sub structures, and foundations of the buildings, once it is incorporated.

The mastic asphalt tanking can be layed on concrete, brickwork or timber structures, an expanded metal lathing must be fixed on all timber structures.

Asphalt Paving

Mastic asphalt paving can be layed on car parks, car ports, surface walkways, HGV service decks, as well as heavily stressed areas such as bridge decks, loading bays and industrial warehouses. The Mastic Asphalt paving is more resistant to wear and tear and deformation than hot rolled Asphalt.

The company has recently installed 30 speed cushions, using a paving grade Asphalt for Wirral council, for traffic calming influences. P&S Mastic Asphalt Health, safety and environment policies are second to none. The company will endeavour to obtain the best results for every contract.

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